16 Things I Discovered The Hard Way

1. You cannot control the weather. The world may be at your hands, but you must understand that this does not mean that you can dictate the direction that the wind will blow.
2. You cannot control the way someone will feel about you. Do not pour yourself into another being. Do not lose sight of yourself to satisfy others.
3. There is no such thing as a dumb question, but one must not ask a question if they cannot handle the answer to follow.
4. Nothing is permanent. Every single thing in life is temporary. You must understand this.
5. Nothing is guaranteed. You can imagine the way you would like for things to work out, but good things do not simply appear overnight.
6. Know that everything changes. Like the tide and the sun, things will look different from morning to night. Things will feel different. Things will change.
7. Change is constant. We must accept change. We must prepare to move forward.
8. People will leave. People will stay. People will come and go. Each of them will serve a purpose in who you are. Remember this when you struggle to understand their fleeing.
9. It is okay to cry.
10. Take no advantage of your parents. They will give you the world for as long as they can. They are the most important figures in your life. They will always matter. They will always care.
11. Do not regret. Do not question. The more we stay stuck on something the more time we will waste. We cannot afford to waste time. Time is precious.
12. You may question all you want, but you cannot change the outcome of what once was. You cannot change the way that something has already turned out.
13. It is okay to cry.
14. Life will rip your heart out and spit on it. Things will happen and you will not understand them. Life is not always fair.
15. You cannot control the weather, but you can control yourself. You can control the way that you live your life. You can control your happiness. Where you go. What you see. Who you are. Live in spontaneity. This is your life. Do not look back on what it could have been.
16. You will be okay.

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I learned how to be big by accident.
I was 10 and I didn’t look like the other girls.
I was 10 and it was too late to turn
the kids had already learned how to wield the knives under their tongues
so I kept quiet when they spat.
I stayed soft and I forgave.
the first few popped up on my inner
thigh when I turned fourteen,
splayed out like white trees on smooth skin.
when I told my friends, they did not look proud.
I learned how to be big by accident.
a patch reached across my hips when I turned 16 and
the white rivers opened up into a delta
on my calves.
I was a landscape.
I was art.
I kept growing and they kept coming
like refugees from some falling country.
“give me your tired, your poor”
I am a city of sounds.
I will keep you safe.
I know I am supposed to feel ugly.
they all tell me that no woman should
look so well-travelled,
but they don’t know.
I am earth. I am sun and skies.
I am the high road, the low road.
I am every poem about skin.
I am a world that cannot be explored
in one day.
I am not a place for cowards.
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consider this the preface to my last text post. DONT WANNA WORK TOMORROW.

Sophie Turner & Maisie Williams at the Entertainment Weekly Comic Con Party Photobooth.

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She’s so versatile

this might sound silly to say but just got home from the cottage and HOLY is it ever nice to be outdoors.

i just always wanna be in the sun, on the water, with my friends. i mean i know that seems obvious bc who wouldnt want that all the time but i’m just so much happier when i’m outside and doing something. 

i feel like as i’ve gotten older i’ve gotten so much more of an appreciation for nature?? it’s the strangest thing. anyways just feeling sentimental and that’s my thought of the day BYE.